The Podcast Between Dr. Ivor Blumenthal And Wendy Machanik

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A tough industry, made light by our expert & superbly crafted teaching & guidance we felt that there is a need for on - going coaching - meaning time being spent with each and every CEO, manger & agent.  This also gives us a clear indication where the gap of knowledge is and ability to close it quickly.  The reason for the coaching is that every single principal and their agents have their own niche and we adapt to their niche and sculpture it to their own little haven of being the best that they can be it also = PROFIT IN YOUR POCKET

Wendy has spent the past 40 years mastering real estate, 21 of which, as CEO of Wendy Machanik Properties, thus her skills, are priceless and indeed she is a Guru, of real estate.
Wendy, has successfully coached several CEO’s. Principals and managers, in the field of managing their companies and their people.
It is vital for managers to assume a leadership role and with Wendy’s one on one coaching they have grasped the necessary tools in order to do this successfully.


  • One-on-Ones
  • Guiding each agent individually
  • Usually 1 hour each with 15 min break
  • Can accommodate 3 per morning
  • This takes several weeks
  • It is extremely resourceful for the agents
  • It helps ground them and identify weaknesses
  • Meeting with Management to discuss the agents One-on-Ones
  • Revision and Role plays on performing in the field Module 17
  • Topics selected by the Team
  • I will prepare any topics they choose
  • Working through selected topics
  • Daily Diary of TOP Performers