The Podcast Between Dr. Ivor Blumenthal And Wendy Machanik

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Wendy Machanik

Wendy Machanik

I began my property career approximately 40 years ago as a canvasser for Aida Real Estate and then at Aida’s behest, I went on to become a real estate agent, within eight months thereafter. Aida Geffen being one of the founders of real estate in SA, was known as the Doyen of Real Estate.

Personally mentored by Aida Geffen herself, was such a great honour and privilege for me and under her  mentorship, I soon became good at what I was doing, selling between 1 and 2 properties a month, consistently as a rookie.

I fondly recall my very first sale in Parkhurst. It was an architecturally designed home, extremely well designed and built, by its architect owner. I knocked on the door and a tall gentleman came out. I boldly asked “Please can I sell your house” to which he replied “Yes if you get my price - please come in and have a look around”. This I did excitedly but with a bit of trepidation. I had never, sold a house before, let alone knew what it was worth!

“How much do you want for it” I asked – he said R50, 000-00 Net.  I asked him if he would sign a sole mandate. He said yes. I had never signed up a sole mandate and told Max this and he said never mind I’ll fill it in myself. Which he duly did and I left with my very first ever sole mandate. The very next Sunday I went on show with a really attractive advert for his house, and around 11h15 a young couple entered, and the wife said “This is my house; we have been looking for 2 years and this is exactly what we want” the wife went on to say “please close your showday, we will offer you the asking price; do you have a sole mandate” to which I proudly replied “Yes”

They matched the mandate price and when the seller came home he duly signed the offer and the deal was done. He then asked me to find him and his wife another property on half an acre, and with a brilliant stroke of luck I duly did. I found them a dilapidated old property in Ferndale, and voila my second deal was done!

Sounds easy! Would that every deal ran that smoothly!

After a couple of years, I was head hunted and went to another well-known company, at the time, where I remained, for 13 years, before starting my own business Wendy Machanik Properties, in the garage of my home, in September, 1989.

Soon after opening WMP, my business grew to twenty agents; with desks all over my home, I now had to find premises, at the behest of my children, who could no longer stand anymore desks in their living space; this I duly did in Craighall. It was only a mere 2 years later I bought premises in Oxford Road Melrose, and therefrom I built an empire, that grew to 320 agents strong, most of whom I trained and mentored myself.

In 2011 WMP came to an abrupt halt when the EAAB closed us down after the aftermath of the recession of 2007, 2008, that hit the company, severely.

I have now, entered the training arena, and I train, coach, mentor and consult, to the real estate industry. The results of my training have been phenomenal.

I would highly recommend that you attend the Superstar strategies dynamic, highly acclaimed workshop, which taken the industry by storm.

A full range of my training modules are listed on our next page. These are presented over one morning a week consisting of three hours, and stretch over a period of approximately 4 to 6 months.

I will also tailor any form of training for your personal requirements and adjust my schedule accordingly for your company.

The modules have been tailor made by me tapping into my decades of expertise and ability that is legend in the real estate industry. My modules are practical and deal expressly with the skills necessary to produce ultimate success in the field. They are unique and unlike any other training offered in the marketplace.

Modelled upon the pillars of my very own success and that of my erstwhile team of 320 brilliant master agents.

Wendy has broadened her horizons as a Real Estate Performance Coach, & Personal Facilitator, at Superstar Strategies, specialising in training, consulting, mentoring, and coaching in the field of Real Estate. Currently contracted to various Real Estate companies in South Africa on a consultancy basis, providing them with Business Acumen for the Real Estate Industry. The main focus is on gearing Principals & their agents, for excellence in the world of real estate.

Whilst Wendy currently unpacks all her own custom designed modules, she also designs any topic around your personal needs and requirements, implementing Management Tools and Key Indicators which enable Principals to operate a successful business.

Wendy has successfully completed the Services Seta, Assessor and Moderator courses, in real estate.

Successfully completed the Services Seta Assessorship and Facilitator courses and received accreditation through Assessment College of South Africa (Certificate No. AC/09/OA00492) on 18 February 2009

And subsequently as a Moderator, having written the required examination & Passed.

She successfully attained her NQF level 7, in a post graduate diploma in Management Practise at UCT in 2009, which embodies both the business side as well as the sales & practical application of everything you need to know about real estate.