The Podcast Between Dr. Ivor Blumenthal And Wendy Machanik

This was so amazing and fun to do, hope you all enjoy please click here


We at Superstar Strategies believe that we can improve on your business by consultation and by giving you new insight to your company and you as an individual. This is an ongoing process to refine and sculpture your skills and close all gaps that will improve your sales in the real estate market. This will also give you the insight and devotion on how real estate really works optimally for you.

We have successfully coached several real estate agents and CEO’s to date - this is also where our expertise in the field comes from. This is where our 1-3 Day workshops come into role play.

Our training has been designed to benefit our clients by spearheading them swiftly into the skills and competencies needed to launch their career optimally in every aspect of their profession. This acumen has been gained from 40 years of success & results driven expertise in the field of real-estate. We are constantly updating our own methods in line with the ever changing structures of the industry. This being said our on-site training process is so unique that it has tremendous benefit to you as we conduct it on – site without intervening your business at all. So whilst you are working, we are giving you the necessary skills without impacting the work ethics of your business.

This is designed to help with the on-going support in building your own skills and so strengthening your future and that of your company in the field of real estate, fortifying you with the underlying skills necessary to build your confidence and take you to your optimum best level. Without a doubt experience has proved that students who are mentored emerge much quicker with confidence & the know-how to conduct your business competently.

FUTURE: soon to be launched:

Another dynamic - mind blowing - 1-day workshop “PROSPERITY IN REAL ESTATE” Embracing Real Estate Mastery … Designed for Real Estate agents on ALL levels.Informative and Exciting - designed to empower you to your next level