Bettie Smal:
Wendy thank you for your compliment! You are a incredible woman. I have so much respect for the tremendous value, input and expertise you have brought to the property market over the years and are still sharing it with so many. Your "Super Strategies Workshop" that I attended recently was just so outstanding! It was a privilege for me to have met you. What a persona, property guru and much more! You are one of the famous and inspiring woman on my list that I have always admired and respected for your great knowledge and work! You are incredible. Hope you will be around for a long time to come. God Bless. You’re loving friend, Bettie."

Hartcourts Mandela Bay:
Thank you very much Wendy, you are really making a huge mark in our lives.s Mary-Ann Mosoeunyane Office no: 012 655 0394 Cell no; 079 896 2882 Email address: finki.mos@gmail.com

Isabel Pinheiro of Jawitz Properties Real Estate, Consultant at Jawitz Properties:
"Wendy Machanik is still today in my belief the best trainer/motivator in the Real Estate Industry. I had the honour of working under her guidance. Today I look back and thank my lucky stars that I was given the opportunity to learn and understand this industry under her tutelage. Thank you Wendy

Marsha Haupt-Cooper:
Wendy Machanik I have known Wendy Machanik the past 15 years. I first met her as the CEO of Wendy Machanik Properties, in my position the Regional Home Loans Manager for Standard Bank in Gauteng in 2000. For the 9 years thereafter we worked in a close professional relationship in my position of the National Sales Manager, Standard Bank Home loans and then from 2006 - 2009 in my position as the Sales Director Betterbond. Throughout our professional relationship Wendy demonstrated at all times a professional and ethical attitude towards the Real Estate profession, her business, her clients, colleagues and staff. She was a leader in the industry, a well-respected property icon and a person admired by many – it was certainly a pleasure working with her and her team and we were proud to be associated with her and her business. Wendy has always impressed me with her absolute professionalism, enthusiasm and ability to communicate to people at all levels, When Wendy deals with people, whether a buyer, seller, agent, CEO of business, her passion, care and energy oozes. She has been a mentor, coach and trainer from the most experienced to the rookie, always sharing her knowledge, ensuring that every person in her team grow and is empowered with knowledge. She has been an icon in the industry with extensive personal experience, starting at the bottom as a sales agent, reaching the top spot as CEO of her own firm, leading more than 320 sales agents and academically by completing her MBA degree. In later years, Wendy has become a true and very dear friend. She has an inner strength and truly cares about the people close to her. She has empathy, commitment to oneself and others, she is dedicated to hard work and the requirement to set goals that are necessary to secure the ultimate satisfaction that is the “joy of achieving and of being successful” Marsha Haupt-Cooper Business Owner, Harcourt’s Mandela Bay 0833072425 marsha.cooper@harcourts.co.za

William Surmon:

"Wendy is an amazing and inspirational leader, who has demonstrated resilience and determination in building and supporting the Real Estate Industry. I have known Wendy for many years, and have found her to show love and warmth to all who interact with her. Her ability to interact and unite people across cultures is an amazing quality. I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy for her leadership and industry expertise, but above all, for her friendship and warmth."

Executive Director: SANRG Centurion:

Dear Mama Wendy,


Mama, I still love you so much, just held up in the office with admini but we are doing extremely well and I will never stop thanking you. You brought light and success in my life, you might not know but  rest assured that I am very proud of you and I brag about you everywhere.


The Centurion team does not stop making reference to your lessons, the seed you are sawing is growing more than we can comprehend.


Much appreciated from the bottom of my heart. Stay blessed.




Mrs Mary-Ann Mosoeunyane


Executive Director: SANRG Centurion


Office no:15 Blu Valley Mall,The Reeds Centurion, 0158

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